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The Carmouche Family History

The Carmouche family, of French origin, can be traced back to Jean Carmouche, pewterer, who married Ann Galosis(Galoys) on November 26, 1680, at St. Laurent Church, Pont-a-Mousson, in the Provience of Lorraine, France.

Jean Baptiste (Juan) "Lorains" Carmouche, a locksmith, was born in February 1690 at Pont-a-Mousson, France.  He was the founder and immigrant ancestor of the Carmouche line in Louisiana.  Jean Baptiste boarded LA GIRONDE in L'Oriente, France and disembarked at Fort Conde, Mobile on August 13, 1720.  Jean Baptiste married Anne Alexandre Chennette (1708-1778), daughter of Vincent Chennette and Ann Marie Preau Prou, of Mobile, Alabama on February 6, 1726.  They had eight children, Jean Baptiste II (1727) who was stillborn, Claude (1729), Jean Baptiste (1731), Marriane (1734), Pierre (Pedro)I(1737), Etienne(1740), Joseph(1742), and Marie Louise(1745).  Jean Baptiste died on November 13, 1753

Pierre (Pedro) Carmouche I was born in 1737 at St. Rosa Island near Pensacola, Florida.  Pierre was one of the first settlers of the Louisiana Territory, one of the first landowners in St. James Parish, and a member of its first grand jury.  Pierre married Genevive Rousseau (1746-1776), daughter of Antoine Rousseau and Genevieve Cheval, on November 3, 1761.  They had six children, Pierre II (1765), Francois (1768), Narcisse (1770), Jean Baptiste (1772), Hypolite, and Helen (1776).  Pierre fought against the British in the Revolutionary War in the milita from Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, from 1770-1781.  Pierre died on December 4, 1782.

Narcisse Carmouche I was born on July 24, 1770 in Point Coupee Parish.  Narcisse I married Fransoise Pauque Porche, daughter of Martin Porche and Francoise Porche, on February 13, 1792.  One of their children was Narcisse IV (1802).  Narcisse I died on October 8, 1840.

Narcisse Carmouche IV was born on February 5, 1802.  Narcisse IV married Mary Alexandrine Arceneaux and has a daughter, Armantine.  Narcisse IV married a second time to Rosalie Porche (1800-?), the daughter of Pierre Porche and Marie Augustine Dubois, on January 31, 1820.  They had ten children, Narcisse V (1823), Leo Paul(1823), Valmomt (1826), Marie Magdeline Louise(?), Valcour (1831), Rosalie (1831), Helen/Ellen (?), Emile Aloysius "EA" (1837). Vincent (1839), and Francoise Rosa (1844).  In addition to his marriages, Narcisse IV has a relationship with Terasine LaCour (1836-1920) a mulatto.  They had six children, Marie (1866), Joseph (1867), Helen (1869), John (1872), Augustaue Alexander (1874), and Elizabeth(1876).  Narcisse IV was a soldier of CSA, Crescent Regiment, Louisiana Infantry, and prarticipated in the Battle of Shiloh.  Narcisse IV died in March 1877.

Marie "Mary" Carmouche (1866-19  ) married Joseph Dalcour and had eight children, Elizabeth, Rozine, Felix, Joseph, Emile, Vincent, Ulalee, and Marie.

Joseph Carmouche (1867-1937) married Bertha Lablue and had six children,Agnes, Leo, Hamilton, Andrew, Earl, and Cecelia

Helen "Ellen" Carmouche (1869-1933) married Pierre Goudeau and had six children, Lucille, Preston, Nathaniel, Mark, Welton, and Jules.

Augustaue Alexander "Alex" Carmouche (1874-1944) married Madeline Goudeau and had nine children, Majester, Zertha, Bertha, Pauline, Laurence, Bernice, Theresa, Lillian, and Bernard.

Elizabeth Carmouche (1876-1960) married Columbus Rideau and had 11 children, Gertrude, Feodora, Ruby, Amelia, Gustavia, Octavia, Preval, Anthony, Mark, Augustine, and Elisabeth